Monday, January 7, 2013

here's to 2013.

So this year kicked off to rocky start.
Woke up around 4am with pretty intense stomach pains/pressure...only to find out 6 hours later that my stomach acid was burning the lining of my stomach (sorry, tmi).

But nonetheless, I'm looking positive towards this year.

I wrote goals for myself at the beginning of last year (for me goals sound better than resolutions). All of the goals I wrote down were health-related (eat more fruits & veggies, run a 5k, exercise every week, etc). That seems to be the constant theme everyone has. 

This year, I want to try something different. Instead a list of a bunch of things to check off in 2013, I want to be more intentional on several goals and make it a part of my everyday way of living.

Jesus time.
Obvious one. I haven't done a good job at this for a while. This is my main priority, specifically with prayer. I want to spend more time in prayer, more focused on God's guidance in my life & more sensitive to the Holy Spirit. It's easy to just get through the day, be stuck in routines, and forget/ignore about what God is doing. I'm going to start a prayer training course with my husband this month at RockHarbor. I think a part of a reason why I don't pray as much as I should is because I'm not comfortable. It's hard for me to share & admit, but it's true. And I really think this course will help me grow & challenge me in my prayer walk. 

Create one thing every week for yourself or someone you love.
I borrowed this one from Apple Blue, and I actually encourage anyone out there to do this as well. I love arts & crafts. I love all things handmade. I have bins filled with twine, patterned paper, puffy paint, die-cuts, etc.; I admit, I'm an avid craft hoarder :( I figured since I work for an arts & crafts publication, it's time for me to grow a pair and start creating with the goodies I've bought over the years. Maybe I'll have the courage to post it on this thing.

Me time.
I'm a pretty busy person. You can always find me writing in my planner. If I'm not doing anything, I'll find something to do...ask my roomies. Even if I'm sick, I'll still have the energy to wash the dishes or clean/fix something in the apartment. I've been this way since high school; it all started with being involved in so many extracurricular activities and has now worked its way to bringing work home, planning some event, and being more involved in church these days. There's been several times this year that I went to meltdown/panic mode because I was constantly doing something right after the other. Whether it's going to Barnes & Noble and sifting through magazines, being by myself at home than finding friends to hang out, or even taking a nap once in a while, I'm going to work hard to find that time for me.

Read books.
In high school, I actually LOVED reading. Not so much these days. You can easily find me collecting books from family & friends saying that I would "read" them ("read" is also code word for "sitting on the shelf collecting dust") or even reading a chapter from different books. I'm inspired by my husband. Brian loves really LOVES books. We have a library in our living room...and it keeps on growing. It would be nice to read at my own leisure instead of watching TV or spending three hours on Pinterest