Friday, May 25, 2012


I can never finish anything. 

My life is filled with "to be continued's"...waiting for me to dabble in it again. For example, I was on a running kick at the beginning of the year. One of my 2012 goals was to run a 5k. Not only was it a milestone for me to accomplish (I HATE RUNNING), but it was also a motivation to get into shape. My schedule was to run five times a week following the Couch to 5k program. After conquering a little rut in the beginning, I actually found myself enjoying running. I felt good afterwards, and I noticed results right away. But then I hit a wall. I became busy with work from my promotion and was hanging out with friends everyday throughout the week. I was then running two times a week, if that. My motivation dwindled until I felt no urge to run.

Yes, I was lazy. And yes, I can blame it on my mentality as well. 

Like running, it starts off as a good idea. Then once it's put into practice, it's actually not too bad; doing something new always gives you a high in life. But it's how to maintain that high that is the hard part.

With running, I was missing my push. Yes, technically my push was to run a 5k within the year and also having Brian to run with helped. But my "push", the motivation, my will, my drive, whatever you may call it, was missing. I was just running to cross it off my list. To complete something. 

Three months later, I realized what I was missing: having fun. Too much emphasis was placed on having to meet an acquired time or run faster than I previously did before. I stressed myself out when I didn't run well. As much as it was important for me to meet the goals I had set out for each week, I forgot to just have fun running. Now it might sound strange to correlate fun with running. In my past experiences with running, it was no fun at all; in fact it was always correlated with P.E. So now, I had the chance to run...for leisure. Even with the running program I was following, I had the freedom to just run outside and enjoy it.  

I still have that 5k ahead of be continued.

Friday, May 18, 2012

blue bookshelf

It was almost four years ago. Brian invited me over to help paint his desk that he assembled. After opening the lid of the can of paint, he realized the black paint he had requested turned out to be dark blue. Pure disappointment. I assured him that it was a good color (but knew black would've been the better color). It took a few strokes on the desk to convince both of us that the accident made by the guy at Home Depot turned out to be...well, not an accident. In the words of a Chinese turtle, "There are no accidents." The color turned out better than we thought and even added some color to his room. 

So I've been using this color ever since. In all mediums in fact. Aside from the usual/random crafting I do, it has influenced my life. It ended up being one of my color's at my wedding. Without realizing it, I find myself buying striped shirts and tank tops with that exact color of blue. Even bought a blue car :) 

We decided to paint our wooden bookshelf this color. We have another one that is painted as well; the splatter paint on the backing was by accident (aka me), but it provided a really good background. With the paintbrushes in our hand filled with blue thickness, we painted. 


Friday, May 4, 2012

new beginnings

Recently, news of engagements, weddings, and babies have sprung up one after the other. Friends are traveling oversees to venture into new endeavors. Graduations are lined up with students anxiously awaiting to walk across the stage. It seems like everyone is entering into a new phase in their life, knowing & not knowing what lies ahead in their journey. 

Brian & I finally moved into our new place, and we love it. A new change for the both of us. To start off new and refreshed. We sometimes find ourselves pausing in the middle of our tasks, looking at each other, and smiling knowing that within the next year, our home will be a place filled with new & old friends, with challenges & triumphs, and with growth & love.  

Change is an overwhelming feeling. If you're like me, it's a mix of jumping in the air and having an emotional breakdown. (Exaggerated? Just a bit...) But regardless of the type of change, we can never predict the impact it will have on us until we view it later in life. It can be days or a year from now or even 10 years. All we can do is live each day to its fullest, conquering obstacles, rejoicing in our victories, and even learning from our mistakes. Change happens for a reason, and the reasons are different for all of us. It allows us to start somewhere new, to build a foundation from the ground up. It reveals more of who we are, and our purpose in life.

Welcome to a season of new beginnings.