Friday, March 29, 2013

peter rabbit

My friend, Liz, asked me to help out with her baby shower last November.

It was a lot of fun putting it together, but it was definitely a lot of work. Luckily I was smart enough to start researching and gathering stuff in the summer. But since I suffer from a disease known as "perfectionism," I had to make sure everything looked right, even if it meant staying up really late the week before the shower.

I've always admired the jobs of event planners, and always thought if I would like that job or not. In the past, I've helped with friends and family members put on parties; my forte was decorations (I'm still working on food ... thank you Pinterest!). I've always enjoyed just helping out with that; but this time I was given the bigger duty of taking care of ALL DECOR.

Despite the amount of work that went into it (and money), I really enjoyed planning some of the shower alongside her mom, Maria, and my good friend Megan. Perhaps I'll do more event planning in the future...

Here are some pictures from that day.

Her baby shower is also featured in Mingle.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

sinking like a stone.

"Never good enough. Never good enough. Never good enough."

This tiny voice ran through my head multiple times today.

If I was asked how to break down my job, it would look like this: 50 % vulnerability, 50 % risks.

In my line of work, it's always hit or miss. I can never predict how my week or even day will look like. When I prepare for the worst, the sun is shining; when I prepare for the best, my expectations get the best of me.

As my boss says, "Welcome to the life of an editor!"

After days like today, it's hard to keep motivated, to keep my head high. But I just need to trust that this where I'm suppose to be. And so in the words of Fun, "Carry on, carry on."

In the meantime, my friend's, Liz, baby shower is featured in Mingle. Even though it's a page, it's still something share :)

Will post pictures soon!

Monday, March 25, 2013


My conversation earlier this morning with E: 

"Hope you have a happy birthday! May all your wishes come true!"

"Aww you're sweet, but today isn't my birthday :("

"Oh hahaha, Stampington said it was online!"

Confused, I check all avenues that my company uses for media. The final place I check was Pinterest ... and lo and behold ...
[bottom right] And always with food. This picture was taken over a year ago on Instagram.

#25 of my bucket list: Be on Pinterest. 
My company's Pinterest board. Check it out!
I'm on here twice ... can you find the other picture?

#25. Check.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

little people can take big steps too.

I'm 5' 2 1/2".

And yes, the half counts.

To many of my friends and family members, I'm short. To little babies and toddlers, I'm tall. And to my husband (who is 6' 6"), I'm perfect ... or a midget, depending if he wants to be sweet or funny.

Despite of my height, I have big dreams. Dreams that every now and then come out of hiding, and I find myself daydreaming for hours in my office wanting to live them out. I tend to daydream ... a lot. I remember specifically when I was younger --- I daydreamed all day, err day. What I would be. Where I'd be living. Who I'd Marry. If I was famous ...

In college, daydreaming went to a different level. Being away from home, I grew up some. I was an adventure-seeker. I thrived for risks (sometimes, ha). And I wasn't afraid to take a leap of faith. I daydreamed a lot about living in Africa and becoming a missionary, ever since the summer after my freshman year. I had it all planned out.

I still daydream when I get the chance, but with reality slapping me in the face (as it often does), I find myself dreaming less and less. The idea of living out my dreams grow slimmer and slimmer as I submerge myself into reality.

For a season in my life, I found myself jealous and envious as I saw friends living out their dreams. Missionaries overseas. Working at a non-profit. Event coordinator. Living in a different country. Traveling the world. Teaching English in a non-English speaking country.

"Count your blessings," I tell myself. I'm blessed to have married my best friend, grateful to have the kind of job at my age, and thankful to be surrounded with a community of friends and family. All of those, and so much more, I don't regret. At all. But sometimes, I ask myself, "When is it my turn to live out my dreams? My passions?"

And then I realize, it's not my turn yet.

There's a reason why we're not created to control how our lives should look like. It's too much for us to handle. It's not worth the disappointment and heartache. Now and then, I'm reassured by Him.

And am I comforted by His Word:
"Trust in me with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to me, and I will make your paths straight."

Trust. It's the first step to following your dreams. The next step? Seeing the opportunities that God reveals to you. And then? Go.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

he's 29.

This is my husband. He just turned 29 this past Saturday. Such a cutie.

If you know him, then you know this: He doesn't like celebrating his birthday. And to some extent, I agree with his reasons. Don't want to be in the center of attention. Just want to keep it simple. 

But if you know me, then you know this: Everyone deserves a celebration for his/her birthday ... whether it's a big or small one. I've noticed each year for birthdays, it gets harder and harder trying to be creative with the presents I give him. One year, I gave him presents throughout the day. Another year I bought random knick knacks that reminded me of him with cute little post-its describing each one. And another year I bought him tickets for Wicked (can't beat that one!). This year, I flat out asked, "What do you want for your birthday?" Most married women can agree: It's better to ask him what he wants. But of course, the creative side came out and I found myself finding other pieces to go along with his present. And it worked. And he loved it. 

Toms. Johnny Cash. Dress socks. "Oh the Places You'll Go." 

For his birthday, we went to the place filled with art and lush gardens ... otherwise known as the Getty Museum in LA.

We went with a couple of our friends that day, and just spent a few hours admiring the scenery and artwork located on this hill. My personal favorites were paintings by Monet and Van Gogh. Being a history buff, he enjoyed reading the stories behind the different types of artwork. I loved how excited and intrigued he got reading each description. 

The day was just perfect for his 29th birthday. Worried that the couple days before filled with rain and not-so-fun weather would influence this day, the sun peaked out. I love celebrating each day with him, but I more so love spending his birthday with him. Who wouldn't want to treat their best friend out on their special day? 

I'm blessed to be his wife. 

Side note: The first time we went here was during our first Valentine's Day together.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

my saturday mornings look like this.

Most people have the privilege to sleep in on Saturday mornings.

Not me.

It's soccer season for my hubby.

There's always blood

He absolutely loves soccer. Even more than his UCLA Bruins (whoa).

Before we dated, I was never interested in soccer. When I was younger, I'd flip through the channels on tv and always stumbled soccer games on espn, telemundo, or whatever. Even though it was for a few seconds, I was easily bored at watching both teams pass the ball to one another.

When Brian & I were dating, he'd told me how he loved soccer and would start naming players, both international and national, that I had no clue of. When February came around in our dating relationship, I learned he played soccer for a church league. As a good girlfriend, I went to watch his games showing my support (even though 3/4 of the time I had no clue except to scream and shout when our team mad a GOALLLLLLLLLL!). During this same season, we would go/watch L.A. Galaxy soccer games where I learned a lot of the technical terms, how the game really works, and the names of the players. This has gone on for four years, and I'm proud to say I'm a soccer fan!
Krystle & I aka Soccer Moms

Another plus side of going to these games are these two cuties:

Thursday, March 7, 2013

a bit of paper, yarn & paint

So as stated in my earlier post this year, I've dedicated to at least creating something once a week. If it wasn't for my work environment, being exposed to arts and crafts of all mediums, I'd be screwed.

How many times have I gone on Pinterest and pinned endless amounts of pins for my [board]...and have done nothing?

A coworker of mine gave me the extra push to set out and just create.

Here's a look of what I've been creating thus far:

I helped my sister-in-laws and mother-in-law throw a beautiful, retro-style baby shower for my sister-in-law, Tamara. The theme was Mustache Bash, a popular favorite on Pinterest. Though it was post acid trauma, I still managed the energy to help out with decorations. Creating the banners were especially my favorites!

For one of my upcoming issues, Haute Handbags, I asked some of the editors and photographers to with me in creating altered totes for an upcoming challenge. I was super super nervous and stressed, afraid of what the outcome would look like. Despite the disadvantage of time, I was able to create this guy. Hopefully sometime in the future, I'll add some other embellishments before I can comfortably walk around with it.

My friend Bri aka Big Bri had her birthday a couple of weeks ago. Also her and her friend Dannah started a new wedding consultation company called Cafe I Do. So to celebrate her 23rd year of birth and her new endeavor, I made these little guys. I bought most of this stuff from my company's Shoppe at Somerset

I've been getting into calligraphy and doodling lately. Maybe I'll put some more on here. Eek.